Andrea’s Scubapro Equipment Training Expereience


Scubapro equipment training
Andrea’s Scubapro Equipment Pro Sales certificate.

Living life as a professional diving Instructor, has allowed me to do some amazing things. The Scubapro Equipment Training Course, took me on an exciting adventure to the other side of Thailand. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned, not only now, but to everyone who is joining me in this amazing Industry.

Scubapro Equipment training
John and Andrea modeling the new Scubapro Hydros BCD

As a instructor, it is part of the job to help your students find the equipment that best suits them. This can a daunting task for most brand new instructors. I know myself felt the same way coming out of my own Instructor Course. The idea of selling, made me feel like a used car salesman. This is the exact stigma that we want to get away from.
Once completing the Scubapro Pro Training Course, I was certified as a Professional Equipment Advisor. This has given me the self-assurance to be truly confident in the equipment I’m recommending for my students.
The course was broken up into individual pieces of equipment over the span of four days. Not only did we go through the interworking’s of each piece, we also went through techniques on how to comfortably asses our customer’s needs. It was all about listening to what the customer really wanted, and finding the piece that benefitted them best. Since we had spent so much time looking at all the features and characteristics of the equipment, I found it incredibly easy to take each feature, and personally connect it to a variety of customers and students.

Scubapro Equipment training
John Seddon presenting Scubapro regulators

I think what we can really take from this course, is that you are never really selling if you understand and believe in your product. I was excited about the equipment line myself, and could see how so many pieces benefitted me as a professional diver. My biggest mistake when purchasing my own personal equipment, was not understanding what I needed, and what I could need in the future. I limited myself to equipment that suited me at that moment, and did not grow with me as I continued to move forward. I now know, I will not make that mistake again, and will not allow this to happen to my students.

Scubapro Equipment training
Scubapro Equipment catalogue

What is great, is Dive-Careers, will now be offering this seminar on every Instructor Development Course. I am optimistic that all new diving professionals will enjoy it the same way I have. It will hopefully allow them to have more confidence in the future, while advising new students. As divers, it is our responsibility to keeping growing and learning every single day. I can not wait to continue to work with Scubapro, and learn more about the equipment that will help me grow into the diving professional I truly want to be.

Another Successful Pondicherry India IDC – Dive Instructor Training

Once again had a great time in Pondicherry India on the PADI Instructor course.  Pondicherry has a wonderful French colonial feel to it and it is always great fun to get back in touch with the guys from Temple Adventures 5 Star IDC.  Plus I get the chance to take the bullet for a ride, at least when I can get it started.

India IDC
Always enjoy a ride on the bullet during the IDC in India

The India IDC had a great group with Meenal from Chennai, Vinay coming down from the Andamans, Shannon joining us from northern Ontario and Rajesh, I think finally working out that he is from Bangalore.  Leon, one of the Temple Adventures instructors, joined us for some more PADI Specialty Instructor training.

India IDC
Out at the quarry for our open water presentations on the India IDC

Shannon actually completed her divemaster with us on Koh Tao and followed Julien our tec instructor to India for more experience with the tec diving.  She is now back on Koh Tao for the MSDT internship and will once again follow Julien to Mexico for some cave diving.  She is obviously a Julien groupie.

India IDC
Shannon demonstrating skills in the container on the India IDC
India IDC
Shannon finding her way int he quarry during open water presentations on our India IDC
India IDC
Shannon descending in the quarry on our India IDC

Rajesh was actually working as a divemaster for Temple Adventures 5 Star IDC and has stayed on in his new role as instructor.  Vinay has returned to working in the Andaman Islands, and Meenal has gotten a job with the newly opened Dive Chennai.  Great to see you all doing so well.

India IDC
Rajesh with a mask removal and replacement demonstration on our India IDC
India IDC
Rajesh with my mask when he forogt his for the confined water presentation on our India IDC

And of course I appreciate the feedback:

“Dear Sir,

Yeah I survived the party and it was a blast. It was a privilege to be with you and your guidance helped me a lot during the entire course.  I am back in Andamans and I hope too see you soon here.  Please keep in touch and I would always be grateful for all your help.  Take care and once again my heartfelt THANKS!!!!”

Vinay Raj

India IDC
Vinay having done his hair before a photo at the quarry on our India IDC
India IDC
Vinay demonstrating during India IDC

Hi Mark,

We all had a fantastic time during the course and the party. Been seeing your facebook updates and looks like Thailand was fun. 
Thank you for all the effort and the faith you had in us.”
India IDC
Meenal doing a CESA during our India IDC
India IDC
Meenal in the container during our India IDC
I even completed some further Scubapro technician training with Jonah Skoles from Temple Adventures PADI 5 Star IDC. It was an excellent opportunity to meet many dive professionals from around India and valuable training with the equipment.
India IDC
IDC candidates in the container on India IDC